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Monday, December 5, 2011

S is for Santa

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This morning my little crafty helper, Ava, and I decided to create another addition to our "Learning My Lovely Letters" alphabet scrapbook (here are the letters we've already included in our alphabet collection - T and L). In light of the upcoming holiday season it only seemed appropriate to make a Santa craft for the letter S. We were inspired to create this craft from here, but you'll notice below that we made several crafty additions of our own (i.e. the creation of two Santas for both lower and upper case letters as well as including the actual letters themselves).

What we needed to make this craft:
White and green craft paint (we used Crayola Washable Kid's paint) & paintbrush
Card stock in various colors
Googly eyes
Paper plate

How it's done:

1.) Pour white paint onto paper plate, dip hand in paint, and place hand on card stock to make the beard.
2.) Use green paint to color letters.
3.) Draw and cut out pieces for hat and face (e.g. five white circles and a red triangle for his hat, two beige circles for his cheeks, one red nose, and one black circle for his mouth - double entire amount to make two Santas).
4.) Paste all pieces onto paper with beard (as shown).

Pretty cute, huh?!! 
Stay tuned for more letter and holiday crafts coming soon!


  1. I have gone through Pinterest and found SO many hand and foot print crafts, but this one, I never found! It's really cute! I am going to do this with my little guy!! :)

  2. We did this with our kids last year and we still have leftover cards for this year (!). That was so much fun and all who received the cards loved them. :)

  3. So cute!! Thank you for sharing them at Sharing Saturday!


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