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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Look Whooooo's Snapping {6}

Welcome to this week's Look Whooooo's Snapping photo linky party!
Let's begin by congratulating the winner of last week's party....
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A very beautiful shot and a very beautiful little model provided by Buckeroo Mama 

Bucheroo Mama, you deserve to grab the button below!

 Look whooooo’s snapping

And, as promised, here are a couple of my favorites from last week... 
(it was soo hard to choose - everyone linked up some incredibly gorgeous shots!)

This simply precious shot comes to us from Jaymi {from Live, Love, Travel}.

This beautiful autumn pic was submitted by Anne U {from Hot Coffee Mama}.

Congratulations Jaymi and Anne for providing last week's favorite shots, and thank you both for participating!
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 Look whooooo’s snapping


Now it's time to get this week's Look Whooooo's Snapping photo linky party started!

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 Look whooooo’s snapping


Here are my favorite photos of the week....

I actually went into the photo archives for this week's party (I know, I'm cheating a little bit). My sweet sister-in-law and her husband sent me these beautiful flowers over the summer while I was recovering from my surgery. I haven't actually mentioned the details of my surgery to the world because I felt that it was more of a personal issue, but after putting much thought into the matter, I don't see anything wrong with sharing. After all, maybe someone will be blessed to hear what I had to go through and in fact be able to relate on a personal level.

Shortly after my thirtieth birthday, in July, I developed excruciating pains in my abdominal area. I tried to play it off and blamed it on common pain from working out too hard after having a baby (6 months after, that is), but after dealing with the pain for almost 48 hours and from a continually swelling abdominal region, I knew I had to be seen. (I later found out the swelling was due to internal bleeding).

Shortly after a visit to an out-patient medical facility, we were directed to the ER for further testing. The results were not good. I had apparently experienced an ectopic pregnancy rupture in my left Fallopian tube and would need to have the tube surgically removed. 

The worst part about the whole experience was watching my poor little girl, Audrey, practically starve herself for a entire day while I was having to dump my precious "anesthesia containing" milk down the drain. She refused to take a bottle (that contained my milk or a supplement), and because we had only recently introduced her to baby food (bananas to be exact), we couldn't give her much else to satisfy her hunger. 

Thankfully the Lord allowed a speedy recovery on my part and Miss Audrey was soon eating normally again once my milk was clear of all the anesthesia. I'm so thankful we went to the hospital when we did. I've heard ectopic pregnancies are definitely not something to mess with. 

I'm also thankful for my family and friends who were there for us during that challenging time in our lives. We love you all so much. 

Below are the beautiful flowers (2 dozen multicolored roses) my husband's sister and her husband sent us. Aren't they so gorgeous?! (I finally had a chance to edit these pictures this week and wanted to show off how beautiful they are)!

Have you or someone you know experienced an ectopic pregnancy?! Since my own I've been made aware of several women within my community who have dealt with a similar story. I've come to realize that this is apparently more prevalent than I ever knew. My advice to all women is to know your body. If you are ever experiencing abnormalities within your body, don't hesitate to been seen medically. For more information on ectopic pregnancies, signs and symptoms, click here

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  1. oh I am so sorry to hear this (miscarriage is so painful, I've had many)

    The flowers are beautiful -

    I had surgery when my DD was 6 months old, turned out to be an overnight stay (unexpected), my nursing baby was a MESS - I couldn't move, hubbie was not willing to bring crying baby to hospital for midnight feeding, she had never had food, MIL tried to feed her cereal - she wouldn't drink formula or pumped milk (I was told she could drink it??) - oh it was a DISASTER!! I feel for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous flower photos.

  3. How sweet of your sister - such beautiful flowers.

  4. Wow, that must have been a tough time and no doubt one which you will still be recovering from in some ways. So thoughtful of your sister-in-love. Your photos are beautiful, my favourites are the second and third.

  5. The color in those rose shots are stunning! Thank you for sharing!

  6. So sweet, the nest of birds is amazing!

  7. Thanks so much for hosting -- the flowers are gorgeous! :)

  8. Those roses are gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous. :)


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