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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life is About... {Blog Hop} Month Eleven

Due to Hurricane Sandy and the power outages (including my house!), this blog hop will continue through the month of November!

 Life is about

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My favorite entry from last month's "Life is About..." blog hop was -
"A Sunshine Play Date"
 provided by Kelly-Marie {from Our Footprints on the World}

Thank you, Kelly-Marie, for your precious submission and for participating.
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Life as this Mommy knows It


Time to start this month's hop!


For me: Life is About... family travels

We have been traveling a lot lately as a family, so what better memory to share than that of one of the journeys we've experienced together! This image is of my two girls playing in a courtyard near the Smithsonian in D.C. My original purpose for this trip was to photograph a lovely couple for their e-session, but because my little family had decided to tag along, we had soon made the weekend out to be a family fun adventure of explorations and learning. 
(Click here to read more about these fun family travels!)

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Look Whooooo's Snapping {24}

Due to Hurricane Sandy and the power outages (including my house!), this linky party will continue through the month of November!

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 Look whooooo’s snapping

Hello Again! And Welcome to this month's very own "Look Whooooo's Snapping" photo linky party!
I am happy to announce the TWO winners from last month were...........
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Such a sweet shot of this little fellow! I love the angle and detail of this image. 
Mindi {from Simply Stavish} provided this lovely shot.

Amy {from The Story of Us} shared this precious image of her little guy looking out the window.
Such a sweet perspective. 

Congratulations, Amy and Mindi, for winning most popular and thank you so very much for sharing!
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 Look whooooo’s snapping

A couple of my favorites from last month were..........
Isn't this image breath-taking?! Emily {from Scattered Horizons} shared this lovely photo with us.

Stephanie {from Behind the Camera and Dreaming} shared this precious photo.
Doesn't it just take you back to your carefree, childhood days?!

Congrats, Emily and Stephanie, for winning the favorite "awards"!
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 Look whooooo’s snapping

This Month's Party is officially ready to begin!
Here is my favorite photo....

So, I may be cheating a little when I chose this month's favorite photo to be a photo that, well, I actually took about a month ago! I just couldn't help myself. I really enjoyed capturing an image of this beautiful creature when our little family visited him at the zoo a few weeks ago. Not only is he incredibly attractive, but he is also very friendly. I wouldn't mind spending more time getting to know him. We may very well just have to plan a return visit! (Click here to read more about our visit to the zoo and to see images of all the animals we encountered along the way!)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ava's 3rd Birthday "Dress-Up" Party!

Our little Miss Ava turned THREE back at beginning of July, and yes her birthday party was then as well... so I am just a tad behind posting about all the fun we had. But, boy did we have fun! This year's birthday party was inspired from the wonderful, imaginative mind of a child's creativeness and joy that is experienced while pretending and just simply "dressing-up". Not like Halloween dress-up where everything matches and makes sense. But more like the idea of dress-up in the mind of a three year old... wearing what she likes, wearing what's fun and interesting, and not caring if one thing matches the other! So, yeah, throw on a tutu and a clown wig, sit back, and enjoy the images from our dress-up fun below!!

Ava's cupcakes even decided to "dress-up" a little bit to feel like they were part of the fun!
And those goodies in the basket - they're baby food containers (cleaned after use, of course) filled with homemade play dough for all the children, who came to the party, to take home with them!

I made Ava's b-day invite this year a little bit girlier than usual. But she sure is a cutie in it, wouldn't you agree?!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Visit to the Smithsonian

At the beginning of this month I was scheduled to photograph a very lovely couple for their e-session at the University of Maryland. (Click here to see photos from this gorgeous shoot!). Because I was to make the four+ hour trip for the session, we decided we'd make a weekend family trip out it and make the most of DC while we were there. What a fun time we were able to cram into two days! We stayed at the J.W. Marriott on Penn Ave, just a few blocks from the White House. Walking was our main method of travel, and despite the immense humidity, we had a very enjoyable time. One of the main attractions of our journey was the Smithsonian, The American History Museum and The Natural History Museum to be exact. Most of our footage below, in fact, comes from our adventures at the Museums. I think one day when the girls are older, we are definitely going to plan an extended trip to come back and do more exploring!

Visit to the ZOO!

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful summer morning, we had the great idea to take our girls to the zoo. They had never been, and because of their fondness for animals, we knew this would be a fun trip. We went to the Hovatters Zoo near Kingwood, WV. Despite the size of the zoo and limited amount of animals on "display", the girls still enjoyed watching and somewhat interacting with the animals. Our favorite character by far was the newest member of the zoo, the tall and friendly giraffe. According to his bibliography, he starred in the movie "Evan All Mighty". That's definitely pretty neat! Audrey even enjoyed giving him a small snack, as did many other children visiting the zoo that day. At least we know he's well fed. Having had a small taste of the wildlife zoo of Hovatters, we look forward to where our next zoological adventures take us!

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