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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look Whooooo's Snapping {13}

This linky party is for sharing your favorite photo(s) {of the week}. 
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 Look whooooo’s snapping


Last week's "Look Whooooo's Snapping" TWO most popular photos were...
("Winners" are chosen by your popular vote). 

 These gorgeous and lovely colored winter berries were shared with us by Daogreer Earth Works.

Very creative and quite beautiful raindrop reflections were brought to us by Clytie {from Random Stuff}.

Congratulations to you both and thanks so much for participating!
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 Look whooooo’s snapping

My favorite photos from last week were....

 Ginger {from my life just as it is} shared this very sweet moment of a precious ballerina. 

Is your mouth watering right now?! Because mine is! Such a beautifully delicious capture of grilled artichoke with mint and chiles. Thanks for sharing Jaymi {from Live, Love, Travel).

Thank you both for your wonderful entries, and congrats on "winning" the most favorite "awards"!
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 Look whooooo’s snapping

It's Party Time!

Here is my favorite photo of the week...

This is my favorite photo of the week for these reasons:

1. These are my daughter, Ava's, shoes.

2. She is always on my mind, but thoughts of her are currently heavily on my heart as she is scheduled for surgery on her kidney next week.

3. The heart represents the love I do and will always have for her.

Please keep her in your prayers these next couple of days. She is such a sweet little angel of mine.

(If you want to read more about her story:
Part1, Part2, Part3).


4. The heart also represents the lovely upcoming Valentine's Day!

Now it's your turn to share your favorite photo(s) of the week! 
And THANK YOU in advance for participating :)

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NOTE: This linky party will extend for TWO WEEKS due to my daughters upcoming surgery and me not having much time to enter into blog land! So feel free to link up more than once!


  1. ah thanks for liking mine! my daughter will be so happy!

    1. You are so very welcome!! Thanks again for sharing :)

  2. hoping and praying the surgery will be ok... God Bless!

  3. I hope and pray Ava's surgery will be very successful and that she will know wholeness of health - and peace for all of you.

  4. Those berries were my favorite from last week too! With that turquoise sky - wow!

  5. Thanks for featuring my artichoke picture!!

  6. I love shots like that (of the shoes). :)

  7. Ya! I finally downloaded google chrome and everything works just great now :) so I finally got to link up... I'm thinking of little Ava and all 4 of you and hope that this is the happy ending to all the surgeries she's been through...my heart aches each time I read about your experiences.

  8. Love the shoe photo, what a cute photo and wonderful sentiment. I hope everything went well!


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