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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trying Times: Ava's Kidney Update - Part 2

For those of you who have just starting following and haven't been informed of my daughter's kidney condition, click here to read the entire current story. 

Let me take a moment to briefly update you regarding her condition as of now. This week Ava had an appointment at the pediatric department of the POC (Physicians Office Center) to have a 24 hour blood pressure cuff placed. She was sent home to keep the cuff on for the entire day (and night). I've got to say that Ava did pretty good keeping her moniter on for such a long time. Not only did she have the cuff around her upper left arm, but it was also connected to an approximate 2 pound box that recorded each reading, which she was required to wear during the process. The box had a strap (that was much too long for a 2 year old to comfortably wear) that she was supposed to keep diagonally around her shoulder/neck. Well, let's just say that she did pretty good keeping it on...

But, she did on many occasion just let it drag behind or beside or even beneath her. Who can blame her, right?! Mommy kept reminding her that it was her "purse" and girls like to keep their purses on them. That usually worked, but seriously, how can you keep that up for 24 hours?!! It didn't really bother me that she dragged it around throughout the day. I could see that the monitor and cuff weren't easy to damage. But what did concern me was the fact that she had that strap to sleep with all night long. I didn't want her to somehow strangle herself while sleeping. So, I decided to wrap the long strap twice around her Winnie the Pooh bear. Poor Pooh, I know. But he didn't seem to mind the sacrifice, and I assure you, he was his old self in the morning ;)  She didn't sleep very well that night considering. This was because every so often the cuff would beep, tighten, and record her blood pressure. It's not exactly easy to sleep when something is constantly beeping at you and squeezing your arm all night long. Poor thing. I'm so glad we only had to deal with it for one night!

Thankfully at noon the following day, Ava, removed her "purse" for good. She was more than happy to do so. Once we return the monitor to the doctor's office and they have a chance to collect the data, we'll then be given the results. I think they just want to make sure her blood pressure is stable because the nurse did inform us that hydronephrosis can lead to high bp, which we certainly don't want to happen. 

As far as what happens next, Ava does have a consultation with Pittsburgh hospital (UPMC) the early part of November. We'll then make arrangements for her upcoming surgery (that is to be scheduled following the consult). 

I plan to keep you updated, and thanks so much again for your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Aww she look so cute with her purse! Good job, Ava for keeping it on all day and night. What a trooper! We love you!


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