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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Only ONE Month 'til the big ONE!

My little Miss Audrey Claire is 11 months old today! 
ELEVEN months old! Seriously?!!!! Where has the time gone?!!

It has been an incredible eleven months, watching her grow and learn and develop into a beautiful, unique little individual. She has certainly been a wonderful, perfect addition to our family, and we love her with all our hearts!

Here's a little recap (from her month-by-month scrapbook) of what Audrey's developmental skills are for her current age:

Language -
She is "talking" up a storm, babbling and imitating sounds like crazy. She'll also show signs of inflection in her voice when she means business (like wanting a toy back that her sister just stole from her). Her receptive language is taking off as well as she is able to comprehend certain words and simple phrases that mommy or daddy say, like "No, Audrey, don't touch that" and simple one-step commands like "Give me the toy".

Motor Skills
Audrey's fine motor skills are really getting fine tuned as she picks up the tiniest piece of dirt off the kitchen floor or grabs up that little piece of cheese on her highchair tray for lunch time. Her gross motor skills are also making great lead ways as she is already taking her first independent steps... three at a time! She'll soon be making her way across the entire floor by foot. In the meantime, she'll gladly push a big box or her walker toy across the room for fun. She strengthens her leg muscles daily while she squats in place from the standing position to pick up her favorite ball. She frequently gets in the kneeling position as well while she plays. 

Other milestones this month & personality traits
This month Audrey has learned to drink from the straw! A pretty incredible and useful lesson to learn. It's definitely handy when we're out to eat and forget to bring the sippy cup. One thing about Audrey that has really become part of her personality is her sheer desire for persistence. She will not stop at something until it is how she wants it or until she has figured it out, like putting the lid back on the sippy cup. And while she isn't always able to do what she intends, it's amazing to see her continue to try, like attempting to put her sock back on her foot. I know this feature about her personality means that as she gets older she'll be one to set her goals and try her best to see them through. I know God has great plans for this little girl! It'll be so awesome to see her continue to develop into who she's meant to be!

She sure is a little sweetheart! Wouldn't you agree?!

And for all you early party planners out there, you'll love to hear this.... Mommy has already begun planning her FIRST birthday party!! Eeeee, I'm so excited!! I'll give you a couple clues for what the theme for her party is going to be, and I'll see if you can guess what it is!! The Clues are: 1. two black ears & 2. pink polka dots. Go on and guess... I'd love to see what you think!

As soon as I have her birthday party invitation complete, which of course I'm making myself, I'll post it asap! So stay tuned!!

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