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Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Amazing, Always Learning, 7 Month Old Daughter

I must say that my little Audrey Claire is always, ALWAYS watching and learning. She is definitely a very fast little learner. It's astonishing how rapid the human brain is able to pick up new things, especially during the early years. It seems like every day I'm amazed at how she's learned a new skill or has mastered another developmental milestone. I really do enjoy watching her take it all in, and I love praising her for continually attempting her challenges and mastering her goals. I know she loves the praise (who doesn't, right?!). Just check out how much her little mind and body has learned throughout this precious month of her little life. It's pretty incredible!

Miss Audrey learned how to sit-up all by herself last month, and this month she's figured out how to go from the lying down position back up to the sitting position - talk about utilizing her gross motor skills and the ability to use all of her leg, arm, abdominal, and back muscles! It's quite a feat! Another amazing accomplishment she is quickly mastering involving all those muscles is the ability to pull herself into the standing position (holding onto something) and remain standing for a least a minute or two. That is definitely a neat sight to see. She really enjoys doing it over and over again... practice makes perfect, right?!!

Audrey has been putting other muscles to use this month too. She's had a great time practicing her fine motor skills, or more specifically, her pincher grasp. She'll use her little thumb and fore finger to pick up just about anything, but when she really gets to practice using her little fingers is during meal time when we give her tiny pieces of food... also known as little finger foods. Cherrios, Gerber puffs, and small pieces of cheese are her current favorites. And not only will she pick up something with her fingers, she'll also transfer the object (or food, in this case) from one hand to the other. That's definitely a handy thing to know how to do!

Another cute accomplishment my little girl has developed this month is the ability to clap, and boy is she cute when she does! She loves to clap when we sing "pat-a-cake" to her. It's just so precious to watch. And she loves when we clap along and give her lots of praise and attention. It's just too cute for words. I just know you'll agree when you see the video below. (And please ignore the messy room... I really should have tidied up a bit before shooting, but I didn't want to miss the shot!)

And let's not forget to mention Audrey's language skill development this month. She really loves to practice her "talking" and "singing" and grunting! And we love to hear her practice! Her babbles are so adorable and music to my ears. She'll say "na-na" or "da-da" or my personal favorite "ma-ma". And sometimes she'll slip a little fake cough into her "words". It is super cute!

Oh, and of course, I have to tell you what Miss Audrey learned to do just a few days ago. This is a big one, folks.... She learned how to crawl! She only went a short distance and for a brief moment, and of course it was over before I could grab the camera to catch it on video, but I know there will be more of that soon to come. We're all very excited about it!

Wouldn't you agree she's been quite the busy little student taking everything in from the world around her and learning all of these developmental skills during this short month of her precious life?! I'd say she's quite amazing!... and that's not just because I'm her mother ;)

We're all looking very forward to seeing her learn more skills and master more and more challenges, and I know she's looking forward to it too ;)


  1. Super cute!! I love the pic of the girls and the video. Audrey is so wonderful!!

  2. Thanks Brooke! And I completely agree ;)


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