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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Personal Photo Card Delivery

I'm so happy to have recently had the opportunity to make a photo card for one of my dear friends (for her son's 1st birthday party). I actually created two cards for her and let her pick the one that best matched her theme. Take a look at what I was able to make for her:

(FYI - Pictures and Identifying information have been changed or removed to protect her identity).

The Winner:

The Runner-Up:

I didn't stop there though! Once she picked the card she wanted and it was personalized to meet her needs, I then added the photo card to a private gallery on my website, JB Gallery, where she ordered all her prints from my professional printing lab and had them sent directly to her address. Talk about a one stop shop!

After receiving the invitations in the mail less than 3 days after purchase, she was thrilled with the results! (As was I... I got to see them in person, and they look even better than digitally)!

I was so very grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to make her something special, just the way she wanted it made. I had a blast making them. And the best part was giving her something she really liked! I hope she'll think of me next time she has a special occasion ;)

I'd love to make a personal photo card for you too! Check out the current items at my shop, ThePhotoMommy, on Etsy, or email me to talk about creating a brand new photo card personally for you at ThePhotoMommy@gmail.com.

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