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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why Hire A Pro?

Like all the finer things in life, professional photography is more of a luxury. Professional photography offers a great deal more than your entry level - run of the mill - chain photography experience. It may be true that professional photography generally requires a larger investment in time and money as well as planning and forethought from both the client and photographer, but, with that being said, there are many reasons to choose this scenario over the "mass marketed - cooperate" setting.

Professional photography allows clients to take an active role in the creation of capturing their families memories as well as personalizing the experience. The luxury of this whole experience includes better service, better choices, and genuinely overall better end products.

Professional photography can be compared to cycling, so to speak, which is something I very much love to do. True I could jump on a Huffy, wearing regular work-out clothes, and go for a bike ride, but I probably wouldn't make it further than 10 miles
due to the discomfort in my legs from having to grind the high gears that are only offered by lower end bikes and a sore backside from sitting on a seat with the improper cycling attire. I would also probably end up tiring early from riding a bike made of many extremely heavy parts. However, had I choose to ride a light-weight Giant, which is actually the bike I currently own, with the proper cycling gear (jersey, cycling shorts, gloves, cycling shoes, etc), I'd be able to take an epic 60+ mile ride, having the time of my life.... a ride worth remembering for all the right reasons. I'd be able to change gears from easy to difficult depending on the terrain. The light-weight components of this bike would allow me to travel far with much ease. Granted more money was invested in the latter option. More time was involved in planning this ride. But in the end, the experience was overall more satisfactory from start to finish, and I'd honestly say, the latter will always be my choice. This my friends, is the same as deciding to choose a pro to photographically capture your memories. It is where the experience is made truly wonderful, and the images themselves make the investment of money and time completely worthwhile.

Whether you want to have your wedding captured on film or photos taken of your newborn's precious little features, a professional experience will very much be worth the extra time and effort. Allow yourself the opportunity to experience how a photography session should be, where quality and level of commitment are top priority. Portraits from professional photography can be as unique as you are, will only increase in value, and will become more priceless as years pass, leaving behind an heirloom for the ones you love.

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