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Monday, May 23, 2011

Going for a Spin!

This past weekend we were able to enjoy some much needed fun outdoor family time! I was so thankful that the girls and I were getting over our colds, so that we could go out and enjoy the beautiful warm weather. Saturday daddy mowed the lawn while the girls and I played in the yard. He also took advantage of the day by installing a custom Honda hitch to our new Odyssey. Such a good idea because Sunday we were able to put it to use, hauling our bikes to the rail trail for a family ride. This was our first bike ride of the year and Audrey's first bike ride ever!

We had a blast! Ava rode on mommy's bike, and daddy pulled Audrey in the trailer. The girls loved the ride! Audrey slept most of it, and Ava actually feel asleep the last 5 miles. We rode for about an hour and a half covering a good 16 miles. We started in Masontown and headed down the rail trail toward Morgantown for approximately 8 miles, then turned around and came back up. The going down was a breeze. In fact, I didn't have to pedal much at all, but let me just tell you, coming back up (with an extra 25+ pounds of baby on the back) was not easy. We did it though. If you can believe it, we actually only had to stop one time.. so we could take the pictures, of course :)

(FYI: Ava was wearing a helmet... we just took it off for a little while to let her head cool down).

Being out in the beautiful weather and on our road bikes was such a rush for both my husband and I. Jeremiah and I began riding before we had even met over four years ago, and for both us it has become one of our favorite things to do. Since then we've gone from riding alone to together, with one daughter, and now with 2 babies. It's something that we know we'll continue doing together for a very long time, and perhaps one day our girls will enjoy it as much as their daddy and mommy do :)

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