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Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Dance!

I suppose it doesn't matter much what the weather is like outside when we aren't feeling well and have to stay in anyway. Poor little Audrey and I have been battling serious head colds for several days now. I was so thankful Ava didn't also catch our bug.... but of course, that soon changed just yesterday, and boy did she get sick! Fever of 102. Stuffy, snotty, runny nose. Even vomiting. Luckily though, the evening just before she started coming down with these symptoms, I was able to snatch a couple shots of her dancing to Pandora while dressed in her tutu (thanks Grandma Johnson!). She just loves playing dress-up, and she really loves to dance. Check out how cute she is........

It's nice that we can get our blood pumping a little, while having fun. Dancing is actually a great cardio work-out that's perfect for days when we have to stay indoors. It's true that children who are regularly active are able to fend of stress easily and are generally happier overall. How neat is it that while dancing Ava's actually "doing exercise" and doesn't even realize how much she's benefiting her overall health?! 

And Ava's not the only one having a good time. Audrey also really enjoys listening to the music, and she's very interested in watching Ava dance...

As mentioned in one of previous posts, Look Who's Talking, dancing and singing are excellent advocates when it comes to your child's language development. Plus, it is tons of fun! So, next time you have to stay inside, our suggestion is to turn on the tunes, and get your body moving! You'll definitely be glad you did :)


  1. Pretty soon little Audrey is going to be up there dancing with her BIG sissy! They both are sooo... wonderful. Words can't even describe how much I love them! <3

  2. Love her tutu! And she looks so happy in those 3 pics of her dancing. :) Brody loves to dance too so we will just have to have a dance party next time they get together!


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