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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Going Bug Hunting! I'm Not Afraid!

The sun was actually within view this morning, and at last, it wasn't raining! So, Ava and I quickly got ourselves ready to head outdoors (after getting Audi down for a nap, that is). Oh, it sure was nice to be able to go outside!

Although there are many things for us to get into indoors, we much rather prefer playing outside. We had a blast just running around in the grass and blowing lots of bubbles, but what we really had fun doing on this fine sunny day was collecting bugs! Nana and Grandda Glover got Ava a little bug collecting kit for Easter this year, and today was a great day to put it use. Granted we only found 2 bugs, one that was mostly dead when we found it and the other mostly dead after Ava got a hold of it, we still had an enjoyable time looking. It not only was a fun adventure, it was also a learning experience for Ava. She was able to explore the world in a new way and understand that certain living things are very fragile.

Children are always interested in learning more about the world around them, in particular the world of bugs and insects. Instead of telling Ava to leave those yucky things alone, I'd much rather let her discover what they are and how to interact with them. Of course, I don't let her touch insects that could be potentially dangerous... bees, poisonous spiders, and so forth, but harmless creatures like grasshoppers and ants certainly are worth a little discovery. We tried to catch a couple butterflies, but they're a little too fast for us. I think we need to get a bigger net!

Well, our bug hunting adventure of course came to an end sooner than we would have liked... grey clouds were moving in and little Audrey was waking up from her morning nap. Nonetheless, we sure are looking forward to finding more bugs for our collection the next time we're out (of course, we let them go after we catch them... if they survived while being caught, that is!).

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