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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hand Print Santa Ornaments

It's been a while since the girls and I have made a hand print craft, so we decided we'd get out all of our craft supplies and make something that would add a little extra craftiness to our Christmas tree. Ava made one using her hand print (the larger one on the left), and Audrey also made one with her little hand print (on the right)... all with mommy's help, of course!

Here's what we needed:
* Card board
* Scissors
* Paint
* Cotton Balls
* Googly eyes
* Puff balls
* Ribbon
* Pencil
* Glue

Here's how we made our very special creations:
(F.Y.I. - The girls did a lot of "helping", especially with the painting, hence the reason mommy didn't get the camera to take corresponding images for the directions below).
1.) Trace one hand on card board using a pencil.
2.) Using scissors, cut out the hand print.
3.) Paint a beard, hat, and face on the hand print. Let dry.
4.) Glue cotton balls (cut into smaller sizes, if needed) onto Santa's hat (the thumb of the hand print will become the end of Santa's hat).
5.) Glue googly eyes and a puff ball nose onto his face. Also glue a portion of a cotton ball onto his face for his mustache.
6.) Glue ribbon to the back to use for hanging on your tree. (I also wrote my girl's names and year on the back of each ornament, so I'll always know who made it and when!).

Our tree looks beautiful with these new additions! Have fun making a few of your own!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Look Whooooo's Snapping {25}

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 Look whooooo’s snapping

Welcome to this month's "Look Whooooo's Snapping" photo linky party!
The winner from last month was...........
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This adorable image was provided by Amy {from The Story of Us}. So cute! I just love the setting!

Congratulations, Amy, for again winning most popular and thank you so very much for sharing!
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 Look whooooo’s snapping

A couple of my favorites from last month were..........

How precious is this little cutie's collage?! So adorable! 
Stephanie {from Behind the Camera and Dreaming} shared these lovely images.

I am in love with the whole image! The colors, the model, the attitude!
Well done, Mock-Turtle {from Jack's Paper Moon}!

Congrats, Stephanie and Mock-Turtle, for winning the favorite "awards"!
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 Look whooooo’s snapping

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Here is my favorite photo....

It's so hard sometimes to just pick one image to be my favorite for the whole month! So, I'm cheating a little bit and selecting a collage I created from one of my most recent portrait sessions. This session was sooo much fun to shoot. We had fun dressing-up, wrapping ourselves in Christmas lights, and saying silly words to get those genuine smiles. What a blast!! I think you'll agree when you view the photos below! ;)

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life is About... {Blog Hop} Month Eleven

Due to Hurricane Sandy and the power outages (including my house!), this blog hop will continue through the month of November!

 Life is about

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My favorite entry from last month's "Life is About..." blog hop was -
"A Sunshine Play Date"
 provided by Kelly-Marie {from Our Footprints on the World}

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Life as this Mommy knows It


Time to start this month's hop!


For me: Life is About... family travels

We have been traveling a lot lately as a family, so what better memory to share than that of one of the journeys we've experienced together! This image is of my two girls playing in a courtyard near the Smithsonian in D.C. My original purpose for this trip was to photograph a lovely couple for their e-session, but because my little family had decided to tag along, we had soon made the weekend out to be a family fun adventure of explorations and learning. 
(Click here to read more about these fun family travels!)

What is life about for you?!! Please link up and share below. We'd love to hear about what's important in your life!
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