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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hand Print Santa Ornaments

It's been a while since the girls and I have made a hand print craft, so we decided we'd get out all of our craft supplies and make something that would add a little extra craftiness to our Christmas tree. Ava made one using her hand print (the larger one on the left), and Audrey also made one with her little hand print (on the right)... all with mommy's help, of course!

Here's what we needed:
* Card board
* Scissors
* Paint
* Cotton Balls
* Googly eyes
* Puff balls
* Ribbon
* Pencil
* Glue

Here's how we made our very special creations:
(F.Y.I. - The girls did a lot of "helping", especially with the painting, hence the reason mommy didn't get the camera to take corresponding images for the directions below).
1.) Trace one hand on card board using a pencil.
2.) Using scissors, cut out the hand print.
3.) Paint a beard, hat, and face on the hand print. Let dry.
4.) Glue cotton balls (cut into smaller sizes, if needed) onto Santa's hat (the thumb of the hand print will become the end of Santa's hat).
5.) Glue googly eyes and a puff ball nose onto his face. Also glue a portion of a cotton ball onto his face for his mustache.
6.) Glue ribbon to the back to use for hanging on your tree. (I also wrote my girl's names and year on the back of each ornament, so I'll always know who made it and when!).

Our tree looks beautiful with these new additions! Have fun making a few of your own!


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