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Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Miss Ava!

So, I'd say this past Saturday's 2nd birthday party for Ava was a hit! I'm sure she'd say it was anyway ;)  Although many of our friends and family were unable to attend due to weddings or vacations or what have you, those of us who were able to attend had a great time. With the kiddy pool, slip-n-slide, and little slide set-up, the kids were destined to have a fun experience. I'll just let these pics of the little ones having a blast together in the sunshine speak for themselves.

As soon as this delicious cake was brought outside, you should have seen all the children swarm to it! Sesame Street is quite the rave for a two year old :) (FYI - I got it at the Kroger Bakery. Not only beautiful, but super delicious!!)

How cute is Ava while she's being sung "Happy Birthday" to just before she's to blow out the candle?!! She didn't know whether to smile or cry.

I think the children enjoyed eating the cake as much as they did looking at it!

Although, I think Ava just wanted to play with the toys on the top of it....

She was more than happy to open her presents. Thanks so much to everyone who gave her a gift (even those who didn't make it to the party). It was so very thoughtful and much appreciated!

Because Ava knew that all of her friends attending the party would be boys, she made these party gifts specifically for them with a Cars sand bucket and shovel, a Hot Wheels sports car, and several little containers of Play Dough... I think they were well received ;)

Ava's little sister, Audrey, very much enjoyed getting lots of lovin' from her aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends at the party.

And, of course, we always look for opportunities to have pictures taken of our little family.... you can never have too many ;)

When family and friends get together to share in a happy occasion like celebrating the special two years of life of our first daughter, Ava, there's bound to be memories made and fun times well remembered. Thanks to everyone for coming and being a part of Miss Ava's special day! I know she'll love looking at these pictures (and watching the videos) for many many years to come!

OH, I almost forgot to show you the actual invitation to the party... it's definitely going in the scrapbook!

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl! May you have many blessed more! Daddy and mommy love you with all our hearts!


  1. So fun! I wish so much we could have been there. I know Brody would have had a wonderful time...especially with his new best bud Ava. And you are so sweet to think of the boys in attendance. Brody had all girls at his party but we weren't so thoughtful...gave all the girls train hats and whistles. Ha Ha. I wasn't thinking like you!

  2. We wish you could have been there too! I know Ava would have loved to have you... especially Brody! Funny that Ava had all boys, and Brody had all girls... too bad we couldn't have combined their parties! :)


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