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Sunday, January 16, 2011

We're ready when you are little girl!

We've finally finished the babies room, and not a moment too soon being that I'm almost 37 weeks pregant! The crib that my sisters and parents got us for Christmas is put together and already made with fresh, clean sheets. I'm not sure if Ava understands why there is a second crib in her room, but she often asks to get in it. I guess she's trying to break it in for her little sister :)

Not only is our little one's crib up and ready, but I finished crafting the letters of her name that are now placed on the wall above her crib. I purchased these letters (unpainted and undecorated) on ebay; the seller's information and store is available at: bens-n-baileys_closest. I followed the same technique to decorate the letters as I did for Ava's letters in one of my recent blogs, Ava's Letters get a Make-Over, and I had a lot of fun doing it! (The only thing I did differently this time was to glue ribbon to the top, back of each letter in order to hang it on the wall). I definitely recommend decorating wooden letters or just crafting in general. It's a lot of fun and so beautiful to look at when completed.

So (for those of you who don't already know) you'll finally be able to see what we plan on naming our second, precious daughter.

Now for the big reveal.........

Here's each letter individually for a better look at the detail.

Here's a pic of Ava's letters (for those of you who may not have seen them).

And here are some pics of the room. (P.S. - The curtains are semi-homemade. Knowing they were way too long when we purchased them at Target, I decided to get them anyway and was able to make several homemade modifications. I trimmed them down to the right length and used my sewing machine to stitch the seam. I then used the remaining material to make the fluffy ruffle for the top. Even though it's difficult to see them in the pic below, they're pretty cute, don't ya think?!)

I think Audrey's going to enjoy her "new" room, and I sure hope Ava enjoys sharing it!! I also hope you've enjoyed looking at the pics and are now possibly inspired to start doing some crafting of your own!


  1. So cute! I just LOVE the letters. I have never really had the patience for crafts, but maybe that will change in 4-5 years..haha

  2. Very cute, Breena! Looks like you are into decorating letters like me. :) How sweet that Ava and Audrey will share the same room, with matching cribs. Can hardly wait to hear that news that our newest neice has arrived!

  3. Sarah - Thanks! I really had a fun time making them. And you might want to give crafting a try... it's more enjoyable that you'd think ;)

    Lauren - Thanks! I am very much into decorating letters! I noticed that you are as well. You do a fantastic job. The girls will be sharing a room eventually (but at least it's ready for when Audrey does move in with Ava). We're actually going to start Audrey in our room (in the pack-n-play) since I'll be up feeding her every 1-2 hrs. Remember those days?!!


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