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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photography Tip #5: Capturing your Subject from Different Angles

When you take a picture of someone or something, do you often find yourself standing straight up and looking straight on at your subject/object? It's easy to take a picture from straight on, and sometimes those pictures turn out great. But, what if you were a little more creative the next time you took the picture and squatted down or climbed up high? You might find that just the slightest change in your position and way you angle your camera can have a very dramatic effect on your image.

Here are a few different positions that are worth trying out on your own:

1. Get down on their level (with children or animals for example). This will allow the viewer to see the world from the subject's point-of-view (even if they aren't looking directly into the camera).

2. Take the picture from up high, looking down. This is a very powerful way to capture a child. It really opens up their eyes and creates a beautiful innocence.

3. Capture the details. Zoom in on the little things. These precious little hands and feet will one day no longer be little, so be sure to take the opportunity to save the moment when you can!

Plus, capturing the details allows the viewer to focus on something special, like in the picture below. This couple holding hands during their wedding ceremony shows a beautiful connection of love.

There are so many other angles to utilize when photographing. Don't be afraid to lie on your belly or stand on a ladder. Be as creative as you can. You may end up with some really artistically powerful images.

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