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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Visit to the ZOO!

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful summer morning, we had the great idea to take our girls to the zoo. They had never been, and because of their fondness for animals, we knew this would be a fun trip. We went to the Hovatters Zoo near Kingwood, WV. Despite the size of the zoo and limited amount of animals on "display", the girls still enjoyed watching and somewhat interacting with the animals. Our favorite character by far was the newest member of the zoo, the tall and friendly giraffe. According to his bibliography, he starred in the movie "Evan All Mighty". That's definitely pretty neat! Audrey even enjoyed giving him a small snack, as did many other children visiting the zoo that day. At least we know he's well fed. Having had a small taste of the wildlife zoo of Hovatters, we look forward to where our next zoological adventures take us!

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