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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ava's 3rd Birthday "Dress-Up" Party!

Our little Miss Ava turned THREE back at beginning of July, and yes her birthday party was then as well... so I am just a tad behind posting about all the fun we had. But, boy did we have fun! This year's birthday party was inspired from the wonderful, imaginative mind of a child's creativeness and joy that is experienced while pretending and just simply "dressing-up". Not like Halloween dress-up where everything matches and makes sense. But more like the idea of dress-up in the mind of a three year old... wearing what she likes, wearing what's fun and interesting, and not caring if one thing matches the other! So, yeah, throw on a tutu and a clown wig, sit back, and enjoy the images from our dress-up fun below!!

Ava's cupcakes even decided to "dress-up" a little bit to feel like they were part of the fun!
And those goodies in the basket - they're baby food containers (cleaned after use, of course) filled with homemade play dough for all the children, who came to the party, to take home with them!

I made Ava's b-day invite this year a little bit girlier than usual. But she sure is a cutie in it, wouldn't you agree?!!

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