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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear Blogger, Oh How I've Missed You!

I must admit it certainly has been quite a while since I've had an opportunity to write a new post. Between having an unexpected surgery, dealing with the recovery while caring for two babies, just plain caring for two babies, traveling, and well just life in general, I hope you can sympathize and be understanding as to why it has been so very long. I won't go into detail about my surgery because it's more of a personal matter, but rest assured, all is well, and I'm practically back to my normal self! I will confess though that I have missed writing. It sure is good to be back :)

Last week my husband had the fortunate opportunity of traveling to the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas to be exact, for work. The girls and I debated about whether we should go with him because if you remember from one of my other posts I mentioned that we did go with him to Oahu last year, but after careful decision, we decided it would be best if he went alone. My husband is a fish out of water, for those of you who don't know him. He grew up in Merritt Island, Florida, practically living in the water. There really isn't a water sport or activity my husband hasn't tried or mastered whether it be wind surfing, fishing, sailing, wake boarding, etc. He's pretty incredible... and I'm not just saying that because I'm his wife ;) So, you can imagine how thrilled he was to hear of his trip south. He was particularly excited about having the chance to go sailing, and I'm so happy that he was able to find time during his hectic work week to finally have the opportunity to take an IC24 (a racing sailboat) out on the last day of his trip. He had a beautiful 3 hour ride with perfect conditions. He was in his element. Of course, while he was telling me all about his glorious expedition, he was sure to say how he had wished I could have been there with him. One thing my husband and I love about each other is being together, sharing in all of our adventures together. Perhaps next year if he gets sent on another exotic journey for work, he might be so lucky as to have his wife accompany him for even more exciting adventures... and this time, with his favorite partner ;)

 The view from Jeremiah's room. I'd say it's perfect! 

 Jeremiah's view from his sailboat. Simply breathtaking.

An aerial view of the Islands. 

So, what did the girls and I do last week while my husband was soaking up the southern sun and swimming with the fishies, you ask? We were enjoying more family time in the mountains of West Virginia... Pendleton County to be exact. I wasn't quite ready to brave the week alone with the girls at our house so soon after surgery, so we headed back to my folks' for the entire week. The girls loved it, especially Ava. She was again able to play with her cousins, Trey and Connor. Even Audrey enjoyed watching the children play. I have to agree that watching them together is quite entertaining... well, usually that is. Sure there's bound to be some disagreements and likely someone's bound to get hurt, but isn't that part of growing up?! Check out these precious pics of the children and be sure to notice the scrapes and bruises that come along with just being a kid.

Jeremiah has several trips coming up in the next couple of months. We may consider going with him on one or two of them, but whatever we decide to do, we'll be sure to have a good time! And hopefully life will allow a little bit of time for me to share our journey with you!

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