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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Outdoor Fun

Last week my husband went on another business trip. This time to Tennessee. So, the girls and I headed back to Franklin to visit my family. We had a very nice time. Many of my extended family members got to meet Audrey for the first time. Ava got to play with her cousins, Trey and Connor, for most of the week. And, it was especially nice to be back there on the days when the weather was very warm... can you believe it actually got up in the 80s?! Boy, we just love taking advantage of those warm days. Ava and Trey had a blast playing outside together... getting into everything! They wrote with chalk on the cement, rode little bikes, and played with the basketballs. I wish I could have photographically caught more of it... but I was holding little Miss Audrey most of the time. If only I had a couple more hands and arms!

Ava had to wear one of her Uncle's hats because we forgot to bring a summer hat with us, but doesn't she look so cute?!

This is Ava's first time writing outside with chalk. She loved it! Here she's actually practicing writing her name. Can you believe she can already visually recognize over 15 letters (expressively and receptively)?!!! My little genius! 

Ava's cousin, Trey. Doesn't he have such a beautiful smile?!

 Ava had such a fun time throwing the ball and chasing after it... her version of basketball :)

Ava looks so cute in her bicycle helmet. (I wish I could have gotten a pic of her on the bike, but my hands were full at the time with her little sister!)

We're back at home this week, and wouldn't you know that the warm weather didn't follow us. It's rained practically all week and we've been lucky to hit temps in the 60s. Next week my husband will head to Kentucky for work, so the girls and I will go back to Franklin for more fun with the fam. We're hoping to get to play outside again, and this time my hands with hopefully be free to take more pics ;)

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