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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Portrait Session: Miss Brylee {Including Behind the Scenes}

I had the adorable privilege of photographing precious Miss Brylee on her fifth day of life! What a beautiful little doll she is and so very cooperative. Before I share the completed edits with you from her session, I want to first briefly share a little detail regarding the entire process as well as newborn safety.

Before any of my sessions, I begin brainstorming ideas about what kind of image I am wanting to create. I usually discuss the direction of the session's goals with my clients. I gather several different backdrops and many different props (i.e. hats, baskets, etc) that I plan to use during the session. (I generally have more on hand than what is used). I keep everything I would need during the session (i.e. props, extra blankets, hand sanitizer, etc) handily nearby. Refer to the image below for the set-up for this particular session. You'll notice that this session was set-up right in my very own kitchen. From the images below, no one would have ever guessed! With the proper lightly (from the large windows, soft boxes, and external flash), beautiful images can easily be achieved!

Here are a few suggestions regarding safety as well as great ideas for better overall images that I personally always utilize while photographing newborns (including this session with precious Brylee):

1. Don't force a baby into a position (some babies are more flexible and willing than others)
2. Always have someone nearby to spot your baby
3. Heat up the room to a comfortable temperature for the baby
4. Clean and sanitize your hands regularly
5. Support baby's head in upright positions
6. Take cues from baby throughout the session (whether it be the need for food, a diaper change, or just needing mommy)
7. Avoid using glass props with your baby
8. Keep baby low when hanging and have a soft cushion like a bean bag underneath
9. Put something heavy in the bottom of a prop (like a box or basket) when using it with baby to avoid any chance of tipping
10. Line any hard edges of a prop with soft padding (like a thick blanket or fur)
11. Keep lots of extra small blankets or burp clothes nearby for accidents or extra padding

The most important thing to remember when photographing newborns is to only attempt a shot if you can achieve it safely!

Here are a few of my favorites from Miss Brylee's newborn session. Enjoy!

Images are copyright JB gallery
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  1. Glad you found me because I love your blog!!! You have skills:) Your newest follower!!!

  2. These all came out sooooo great! I love that first pink and white back drop; gorgeous!


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